Security upgrade in GENIKI e-Banking Service


GENIKI e-Banking: Security upgrade while improving the use and the transactions’ execution

GENIKI Bank, constantly trying to improve the services offered online, has proceeded to the next level of electronic transactions security, while simplifying the use and making the service completely portable and compatible.

Within this context, we would like to inform our retail and corporate users that the GENIKI e-Banking Service has been upgraded since 24/8/2011, by launching the new DP260 Vasco OTP devices, which will be mandatory both for login and transaction execution by 01/01/2012.

The new OTP device, apart from its ergonomic design (low weight, big screen, distinct keyboard digits), is also the optimum solution for secure transactions, as a result of extensive scientific studies in Greece and France concerning the means of safe electronic transactions.

While logging in the e-Banking Service, the device provides you with a Password, different each time, maximizing the level of security.

The device itself works with its own password, ensuring the absolute security of its holder.

Totally user friendly

From now on, the necessary authorization for executing transactions through the GENIKI e-Banking Service will be given through the use of one-time passwords. This has replaced the previous method of digital certificates, giving users the ability to use the service at any computer, without the need for any further action.

For more information on the use of the new OTP device, please click here.


All GENIKI Bank clients can buy the new OTP device at any GENIKI Bank branch. The price of the new OTP is €5,03.

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