GENIKI Bank: Volunteering week from the employees
Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Société Générale Group in the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and in the scope of supporting organisations that produce social work and mobilizing the employees of all the Group in supporting this work has established, since 2008, one week in June as Citizen Commitment Week.

In Greece, the employees of GENIKI Bank & SOGECAP, members of Société Générale Group, were mobilized again this year and they actively participated in the Citizen Commitment Week that was organized during 16 – 24 June 2011. The activities organised have always in mind to drive the culture of volunteering and to offer in the society and they provide to all the employees the opportunity to express their solidarity to their fellow citizens.

During this year’s activities, GENIKI Bank supported three Social Super-Markets: of the Municipality of Larissa, the Municipality of N. Heraklion in Attica and the newly established Social Super-Market of the Municipality of Agrinio, providing food for poor families. The Social Super-Markets that are operating in several Municipalities in our country aim to collect food from companies and individuals in order to deliver them to poor families & to improve the quality of life of the communities in which they operate. Thanks to the immediate mobilization of employees, the Bank collected and donated to the Social Super-Markets around 3.000 items of basic food (olive oil, milk, flour, pasta, rice, pulses etc.) ensuring food availability for one month for about 250 families living below the poverty line.

In addition, in the concept of the Citizen Commitment Week, on Friday 17th of June annual Voluntary Blood Donation of our Bank took place with the active participation of the blood donors of the Bank in order to support the blood bank opened for the Bank’s employees and their relatives.

GENIKI Bank would like to thank all the employees that participated with such an enthusiasm to the organized actions and congratulates them for the immediate mobilization and warm participation.



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